Mission Statement

Scientists for the Mekong is an independent multi-disciplinary group of scientists who work FREE of charge for the benefit of the Mekong River ecosystem and its communities.

Why? Simply because we can and we careWe work in Service to humanity and Earth’s waters.

Care to JOIN US? We need your big heart and expertise.

Our objective is to create multi-disciplinary submissions on the main issues affecting the Lower Mekong River, its tributaries and Delta – at Environmental, Social and Economic levels. And, to offer management & conservation strategies to the Governments of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. 

Our aim at present is to deliver a Submission to the Lower Mekong Governments and the Mekong River Commission requesting a BAN on Hydropower Development on the mainstream of the Mekong River & tributaries of the Tonle Sap Lake, because of their many significant impacts – at Environmental, Social and Economic levels.

We seek international support to encourage the Lower Mekong countries to work together for the Protection of this valuable ecosystem and the 60 million people dependent on it.

For a review of the issues we address, please see our article:
COP21 – Mekong Dolphin Extinction, Hydropower & Climate Change


Dr. Lilliana Corredor is the Founder and Coordinator of Scientists for the Mekong.

Dr. Lilliana Corredor -El Pantanal

I am an Expert in Water and Environmental Educator. I have spent the last 23 years doing volunteer Environmental Education around the world for the Protection of Water Resources.

I have focused my volunteer work on: fishermen, farmers, riverine communities, ethnic groups, school children and University students. I have also worked along government agencies in Colombia and Australia. 

For an insight into Dr. Corredor, please see this article by Author Michelle Adams (April 2016):

THE RIPPLE EFFECT – A look at the person behind the Campaign, and what motivates Dr Corredor to do what she does.

In August 2015, we visited Hanoi, Vietnam. We liaised with members and scientists of two important NGOs: Vietnam Rivers Network and WARECOD. Thanks to them we were able to liaise and meet scientists at Can Tho University in the Mekong Delta, who openly oppose Hydropower Dams in the Mekong River mainstream, and gathered relevant important information for our research.

During January and February 2016, we did a reconnaissance journey along the Mekong River, from the southern border of Laos, through Cambodia, and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. We liaised with local NGOs, interviewed community groups, fishermen and scientists.

The aim of our Mekong Journey was to get an updated overview of the Lower Mekong River’s state of health, the fisheries, the dolphins, the dam construction situation, the mangroves, the delta, and more. An important part of our journey was to get feedback from riverine communities in these countries, through Community Meetings, or interviewing families and individuals on several issues – i.e. water quality, water levels, health issues, fish catches, loss of fish species, displacement, relocation schemes, compensation, and aquaculture, among others.

Please see the video of a recent impromptu Environmental Education talk on the “untold impacts of the Don Sahong Dam” to Environmental Science Students of the “Pannasastra University of Cambodia” – on International Wetlands Day at O’Svay, Cambodia on 2 Feb. 2016. 


Regarding the objectives of Scientists for the Mekong, my focus will be on: inviting scientists, NGOs and the public to join our cause; to liaise with Scientists, Community groups and NGOs that have been working for the protection of the Mekong River over the past decade; as well as, coordinating meetings, collating the information gathered and putting together our Submissions.

Scientists, NGOs or Authors willing to help our cause are asked to please email us an article in your field of expertise.

We’d appreciate your input on:
Protection & Management strategies for the Mekong River – its delta, fisheries, dolphin population, wetlands protection, social impacts, or whatever insights and suggestions you can offer us in your field of expertise.

Please email the article you wish to add to our submission, or send us an article you wish us to feature and comment on. Click here: Dr. Lilliana Corredor

Updates on recent and relevant issues, news and research papers will be published here: in our Articles, News or Publications sections. For weekly information, please visit our Facebook page .

Selected articles will be part of a BOOK entitled:

“Hydropower Dams vs. Food Security & Ecological Stability
– An Independent Multidisciplinary Scientific Review“.

I will email you on request a Brief on who I am, my training and the strategies I am offering to this group.

I am very grateful for your support and assistance. Together we can co-create change.

Dr. Lilliana Corredor
Founder & Coordinator
Scientists for the Mekong

B.Sc. Biology & Chemistry
M.Sc. Marine Biology
Maitrisse General Oceanography
D.E.A. Biological Oceanography
Ph.D. Behavioural Sciences (Australia)
Environmental Educator

NSW, Australia
Weekly updates: https://www.facebook.com/scientists.for.the.mekong
Skype: lillianacorredor
1) Twitter: Dr. Lilliana Corredor @Amarial1
2) Twitter: Love Amazonia @Amarial3

Clean Waters and productive Water Ecosystems
are the RIGHT of every human, animal and plant on Earth