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Submission to Australian DFAT – Foreign Policy White Paper

Submission to Foreign Policy Minister Julie Bishop by Dr. Lilliana Corredor Founder, Scientists for the Mekong. March 29, 2017 (Edited April 3, 2017) Submission DFAT – Foreign Policy White Paper Live Q&A with Foreign Minister Bishop.PDF Facts: DFAT provides Funds & Encourages Hydropower Dam Development in the Mekong River Basin, specifically in Laos, as per document below. *** […]

Open Letter to the Mekong River Commission

by Dr. Lilliana Corredor, Founder & Coordinator, Scientists for the Mekong Australia Edited: March 23, 2017 Download here: Open Letter to the Mekong River Commission (Edited).PDF The MRC should stop finding excuses, and take decisive action to stop Laos and Cambodia from going ahead with any further Hydropower Dam development in the Mekong River mainstream […]

Cambodian Mekong Dams -The Elite & Trade Agreements vs. The Poor

by Dr. Lilliana Corredor Coordinator – Scientists for the Mekong Australia, February 22, 2017 – REVISED 23 Feb 2017 In this article we examine the politics of Energy generation in Cambodia: the role of the corrupt Cambodian Elite in framing the future of energy production in this nation, the Trade deals between the Elite and […]

Earth Recovery Units – needed around the World

Why ‘ER Units’ are needed around the world By Dr. Lilliana Corredor – Founder, Earth Recovery Units © May 30, 2016   Humanity can no longer afford to sit, watch and blame governments or corporations while our planet is being destroyed. We MUST ALL take EMERGENCY Recovery Actions around the world or loose it all. […]

Comments On: Vietnam’s Hydropower Reform

Lessons & Warnings for the New “Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Agency” By Dr Lilliana Corredor – on behalf of Scientists for the Mekong, April 6, 2016 Top Vietnamese Researchers have published two very important studies regarding the Impacts that Hydropower Dams have had in Vietnam over the past 40 years at Social, Economic and Environmental levels. You […]

Cambodians Seek Compensation for LS2-DAM Relocation

Six Villages to be Displaced by the ‘Lower Sesan 2 Dam’ – Many Refuse to Leave & Others Ask for Fair Compensation Srae Kor – Community Meeting By Dr Lilliana Corredor- on behalf of Scientists for the Mekong, 3 Feb. 2016 Edited 10 Feb 2016 – SIX villages will be drowned by the reservoir for the Lower […]

Mekong River – Water Quality Woes

Mekong Updates – Cambodia/Laos Dr. Lilliana Corredor- on behalf of Scientists for the Mekong © 1 Feb. 2016 During a Community Meeting we conducted in the Cambodian township of Preah Rumkel, locals reported Fish Kills during the month of January (fish up to 30 Kg were found dead floating in the river). As well as, […]