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Final Report – Mekong Delta Study-IAR (Jan. 2016) –
Download the PDF documents (3 parts), by clicking below:

  1. MDS Final Project Report 18Jan16.pdf (7.1mb)
  2. MDS-IAR_Vol_I-Final-Models, Models, Setup & Simulations 18Jan16.pdf (22.7mb)
  3. MDS-IAR_Vol 2 Final-Impact Assessment Methods & Results 18Jan16.pdf (87mb)

Draft Report – Mekong Delta Study-IAR (Oct. 2015)

MEKONG DELTA STUDY – IAR Draft-final_02-12-2015_summary-ver5_update8-00.pdf (7.5mb)

Brahma Chellaney (2016). China’s water hegemony in Asia

Rob Schmitz (2016). A warning for parched China: a city runs out of water

Laurance, Bill (2016). Development banks threaten to unleash an infrastructure tsunami on the environment

Klemm, J. (2016). Run-of-River Hydro: Green Energy or Greenwash?

Interview Vérité d’Anne-Sophie Gindroz, auteure de : “Au laos, la répression silencieuse” – Youtube – in French

Interview: Lao People Fighting For Change ‘Deserve Better Than Silence’ – Anne Sophie Gindroz

Baird, Ian G. (2016): Non-government Organizations, Villagers, Political Culture and the Lower Sesan 2 Dam in NE Cambodia

Blake, D. (2016). Welcome to Sayabouly – Land of Elephants & Dams

Katus, S., D. Suhardiman & S.S. Sellamutu (2016). When local power meets hydropower: Reconceptualizing resettlement along the Nam Gnouang River in Laos.

DFAT (Publications, 2015). Laos Hydropower and Mining Technical Assistance: final evaluation report – 5 Nov 2015

Intralawan,A.,  D. Wood and R. Frankel (2015). Working Paper on Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Hydropower Development in the Lower Mekong Basin – “EESI Report”

Trang Do & Elliot Brennan (2015).  Hydropower and Social Conflict in Vietnam: Lessons For Myanmar

Kondolf, G.M., G. Annandale & Z. Rubin (2015). Sediment Starvation From Dams In The Lower Mekong River Basin: Magnitude Of The Effect And Potential Mitigation Opportunities.

Kondolf, G.M., Z.K.. Rubin & J.T. Minear (2014b). Dams on the Mekong: cumulative sediment starvation.

Baird, I.G. et al. (2015). The People and their River, the World Bank and its Dam: Revisiting the Xe Bang Fai River in Laos.

Baird, I.G & N. Quastel (2015). Rescaling and Reordering Nature–Society Relations: The Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Dam 
and Laos–Thailand Electricity Networks

Baran E., Guerin E. & Nasielski J. (2015). Fish, sediment and dams in the Mekong – How hydropower development affects water productivity and food supply

Baran, E., I.G. Baird & G. Cans (2005) Fisheries Bioecology At The Khone Falls (Mekong River, Southern Laos).

Fearnside, P.M. (2016) – LISTS of articles on Emissions by Hydroelectric Dams – in several languages

Fearnside, P.M. 2016. Greenhouse gas emissions from hydroelectric dams in tropical forests. pp. 428-438

Fearnside, P.M. 2015. Emissions from tropical hydropower and the IPCC

Fearnside, P.M. 2013.  Climate change and the Amazon: Tropical dams emit greenhouse gases.

Brahma Chellaney (2013). Water: Asia’s New Battleground  – BOOK

Brahma Chellaney (2013). Water, Peace, and War: Confronting the Global Water Crisis – BOOK

Fearnside, P.M. & S. Pueyo.. 2012. Underestimating greenhouse-gas emissions from tropical dams.

Jutta Kill (2015). Economic Valuation and Payment for Environmental Services Recognizing Nature‘s Value or Pricing Nature‘s Destruction?

Baird, M & R. Frankel (2015). MPE-MEKONG EIA BRIEFING: Environmental Impact Assessment Comparative Analysis In Lower Mekong Countries

Fisheries of the rivers of Southeast Asia – Chapter 3.24 – Welcomme, R.L. et al. (2015) – In: Freshwater Fisheries Ecology. BOOK

Arsenic release metabolically limited to permanently water-saturated soil in Mekong Delta. Stuckey, J.W. et al. (2015)

Stanford scientists solve mystery of arsenic release into groundwater. Ker Than (2015)

Chinese State-Owned Enterprise Investment in Mekong Hydropower: Political and Economic Drivers and Their Implications across the Water, Energy, Food Nexus – 18 May 2015

Cambodia’s LS2 Dam is a disaster in the making – Ian G. Baird (2014)

Shrinking and Sinking Deltas: Major role of Dams in delta subsidence and Effective Sea Level Rise – Dandekar, P. & H. Thakkar  (2014).

China Dams the World: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Chinese Dams – Urban, F. & J. Nordensvard (2014). 

Meltdown in Tibet: China’s Reckless Destruction of Ecosystems from the Highlands of Tibet to the Deltas of Asia Michael Buckley (2014)- BOOK

Nam Theun 2: The World Bank’s narrative of success falls apart– Bruce Shoemaker, Ian G. Baird and Kanokwan Manorom (2014)

The True Cost of Damson why dams aren’t cost-effective – Jacques Leslie (2014).

WWF (2014). Summary Of Scientific Reviews from Three International Fish Passage Experts on the Don Sahong Dam EIA and Technical Reports Related to Project Design And Mitigation Measures

Dams on Mekong tributaries as significant contributors of hydrological alterations to the Tonle Sap Floodplain in Cambodia – M.E. Arias, et al. (2014)

Large Dams Just Aren’t Worth the Cost – J. Leslie (2014)

Should We Build More Large Dams? The Actual Costs of Hydropower Megaproject Development – Ansar, A. et al. (2014)

Vietnam’s Hydropower Policy Reform – Le Anh Tuan_(4 Mar 2015)

Analysis Of Environmental and Social Costs and Risks of Hydropower Dams, with a Case Study of  SONG TRANH 2 Hydropower Plant – Dao Trong Tu, Le Anh Tuan, et al. (August 2013)

List of Damages by Hydropower Dams in the Mekong Basin1.pdf (3.7 mb)- L. Corredor (2015)

Cop21 Dolphin extinction, Hydropower, Climate-change.pdf (2mb) – L. Corredor (2015)